Day 15 – Three Pet Peeves

Three pet peeves that drive me insane.

  1. When people use the phrase “I could care less” incorrectly. They are clearly trying to say that they don’t care but they use the wrong words they say words that mean they care because they if they didn’t care about something then there is no way they could care less. They should say “I couldn’t care less”.
  2.  People who talk more than they listen. To me, these are people who clearly care more about themselves than they do anyone else. Sadly I have several people like this in my life.
  3.  When you are looking for someone says “Is it …..?” how the hell do I know if it’s there? If I looked there and it was there I would have found it already. How about instead of asking me if it’s there you get up and LOOK there.

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