Day 5- A place I would live but have never visited

Today’s writing prompt is so easy for me. I have the place picked out. I’ve had it picked out for years and years. Well, the place did change, but the country didn’t. The place used to be Yellow Knife, Canada. I fell in love with it many years ago while listening to radio stations on our HUGE satellite dish. Do you remember that show on tv that would use the radio station to send messages to family members? It was called “Northern Exposure”. I didn’t watch it a lot, but I would catch an episode from time to time. I thought it was cool, the small town atmosphere, the friendly neighbors, people were there for each other and I loved that. I found that same type of town while listening to the radio station in Yellow Knife Canada.

I started researching Yellow Knife and found out it was just the type of town like in the show “Northern Exposure”. For years, I would threaten to run away and hide and that would be the place I would plan to run to in my dreams. And then the show “Ice Truckers” became something. And guess what, they filmed in Yellow Knife. I don’t know how many seasons they filmed there but I saw that the filmed one season there and it was no longer that cute, quiet little town. It was full of people and production crews and it was loud. So I gave that place up. There was no way I could run away to Yellow Knife. And enough people heard me complain about it that the word was out, Yellow Knife was my hiding spot.

Then I found a new spot. It’s still in Canada and it’s beautiful….and it’s not popular like Yellow Knife. But it was in a movie. And if I ever turn up missing, that’s where you will find me. But no, I won’t tell you the name! It’s a secret! Only a few people know only the people who I would want to find me!

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