Day 6 — Someone who fascinates you and why.

This one is really hard for me to write, not because I don’t have anyone that fascinates me, but because I have several people that I’m in awe of and I tell them every day. So I can’t narrow that down and write about just one when my life is guided by my fascination of so many strong people.

First — I would have to say, Trudy. She’s amazing, she’s strong, she’s a pioneer woman, but yet she’s sensitive and kind. Trudy is the mother I always wanted, the big sister I wished I had, the friend I’m glad I have. She’s the person I cry on her shoulder about anything and there is no judgment only “It’s okay, you’ve got this, let’s figure it out.” It amazes me that she takes whatever life throws at her and plants it to see what will come up. Recently, she had a major health scare at the same time Brian’s father did, I was in a pickle trying to figure out how to be in two places at one time. Thankfully they both pulled through. I’ve never met her in person and I don’t want my first time to be while she’s in the hospital or at her funeral.

Second– Next would be Pamela. I love her fire, her spirit, her drive, her artistic eye. It fascinates me the way she can tune out the world and paint a guitar that so matches my personality that it’s like she reached down into my soul and pulled it out of me. She’s walked a path that hasn’t always been easy but she’s always come out on top. She a fighter and a winner. She pours her heart and soul into things she believes in, she believes in her family, her heart and women’s causes. I’m glad to call her my friend.

Third — The Amazing Sissy. Animal Activist, Human Activist, Women’s RIght’s Activist, former 1/2 owner of the Daily Brew (which I never made it to), a better photographer than I’ll ever hope to be and she’s kind and wonderful on top of it. She has an amazing partner, an amazing daughter, an amazing family. EVERYTHING about Sissy is AMAZING. She’s been everywhere, done everything, seen everything. Who needs “Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon” play “Seven Degrees of Sissy” and you’d enjoy the results much better!

The thing that these three women have in common is their strength, love, and kindness.  Not only do they fascinate me, they are my role models. There are several other people on this list, but these three are the top three. Whenever I feel myself slipping over to the dark side, I stop and think, “What would Trudy, Pam or Sissy do” and then figure out if that is something that would work for me. Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t. But at least I try. I don’t want to be a carbon copy of any of the people that fascinate me, but I sure would love to be able to take all the good things about them and incorporate them into my world.

Thanks for reading.

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