Open Letter to @DeanTrippe

You might read this, but then again, you might not. But at the very least I thought I would take a few minutes and let you (and the rest of the world) know why the whole “Something Terrible on Kickstarter” bothers me so much.

Here’s the reason.
You act like you were the only person in the world that was mistreated as a child. News flash Dean, you aren’t alone. Your real father walked out and left, think you are the only one that’s ever happened to, big clue, at least you still had your Mom. Some of us didn’t have that. Think you were the only one that had someone molest them, guess again. Yes, what happened to you was HORRIBLE and no child should have to go through that, but that doesn’t mean you get to use that story over and over to get sympathy. Maybe instead of taking that $48k and running around to conventions promoting your story, you should have spent some on therapy. You talk about how children who were abused don’t became abusers, but you have. You may not be abusing children, but you have abused the trust of adults who believed in you. You abused our feelings. We cared for you, we had empathy for you, we wanted to see you heal. Now, I just want my money returned and I want you to get help. If not for your sake, than for the sake of those around you that deal with you daily.

You took $48,269 from 1,768 people and promised them a reward in a given amount of time. Then you didn’t feel that they were worthy of your time to update them on your progress. And you promised in your campaign that and I quote “If there are any unforeseen obstacles, I will alert all donors to them as they arise, but again, as the story is already completed, it really is just a matter of funding the print run. ” Finally when you were six months late and people were pissed because you could run around to conventions, sell your artwork everywhere, tell us that the book was done and you just had to make final decisions and we started asking questions, YOU BLAMED US. You told US we had no value to you. Did we have no value when you played on our sympathies with your story of how you were molested and how your comic was healing? Did we have no value when you asked us for money to make your comic a physical book and we lavished you with money? Or did we stop having value when we stopped giving you money and started holding YOU accountable? When your “pity me, I’m a victim” card no longer worked with those of us paying attention to you using the money to go to this convention or that convention and basking in the glory of telling your story to the world and being praised by Kevin Smith for having the balls to tell your story. Is that when we no longer had value to you? And you blamed us for slowing your progress, just how did answering the questions of “Can we get an update” slow your process? Your process wasn’t slowed when you wrote, lettered and did the art for a five page story in the Chakra the Invincible for the Free Comic Book Day and it wasn’t slowed when you did the cover art for the CBLDF book. So when did we “slow your process”?

You call us bullies because we openly asked for updates and failed to believe every excuse that came from your mouth. “Oh I have pain and can’t draw” Two days later “Oh look what I got to draw for Stan Lee!” “Oh all this conflict is making my depression and PTSD so bad I can barely get out of bed!” Two paragraphs later “I’m working 60 – 80 hours a week on top of being a single dad and drawing all the time!” And then there’s that one time when I personally didn’t believe you and you blocked me from defending myself and slandered me on your facebook page and allowed your fans to slander me as well. Tell me Dean, did you feel like a big man? Did you feel like a hero? Because you sure weren’t acting like a hero. “Oh how dare she ask for an update and then not believe me, I’ll teach her!” Really”.

I don’t hate you, I pity you. I pity you for allowing your past to control you. I pity you because you have become what you did not want to become, an abuser. Yes, you still have a fan club and people that only see the good in you. But word is getting out, people are learning that you can’t be trusted.

And do you know what is really sad? Every single person that I’ve talked with that is angry has said the same exact thing. “I could handle the delays, I didn’t care how he used the money, it was the lack of communication that was upsetting. And then the hostile attitude when asked for updates.”

Maybe one day I’ll get my refund. More than likely all I will get is more hassle.

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