Part 2 of Something Terrible on Kickstarter

In his last update on the project, Mr Trippe has changed the dates of the books to match Hero Con in June. So he went from June of 2014, to April of 2015 to now June of 2015. His reasons? Oh they are precious! So are his reasons for lack of updates. He’s a pro at deflecting and victim blaming.

I’m also sorry about the lack of updates. As a depression-battling dude with PTSD, I gotta say, I have a hard time processing the level of stress that comes with seeing the disingenuous, bullying messages coming from the small, extremely vocal minority in the comments here, so it’s hard for me to deal with everything going on with me medically, psychologically, and professionally, AND keep track of the latest bizarre accusations below, brought on with renewed vigor whenever I update. That kinda stress is paralyzing and leaves me in my head trying to figure out responses for days. Conversely, I thrive on good stress. I’ve been working 60-80 hours a week at the shop, helping my family through a series of unfortunate events, and getting 4-6 hours of sleep a night, so all my projects are running long, including this most important one. I’ve recently convinced the shop’s owners to hire my two top candidates, so I’ll be able to cut back on my time at the shop by half in the coming weeks. Between the new hires and the help of my intern, productivity is getting back on track. I’ve also been taking a lot of quick-deadline drawing gigs to keep the bills paid, which isn’t easy, but again, it’s good stress. (In romantic news: I’ve almost got my family under one roof, so that should cut down on my travel time and scheduling stress, which is super exciting!)

So there you have it, he’s battling depression and PTSD, and those of us who want updates and the product that we paid him are bullying HIM. He took OUR MONEY, but we aren’t allowed to ask him about it when he’s almost a year late. Because then we are bullies. And let’s recap, the book was DONE according to him.

Risks and Challenges from Kickstarter Campaign. See, it's "basically done"
Risks and Challenges from Kickstarter Campaign. See, it’s “basically done”


Now in all fairness, as a “Stretch Goal” he added something “new” to the book. BUT he also HIRED someone to help.

Stretch Goals.
Stretch Goals Jan 13 2014

Notice he’s already been working on the new epilogue.  That was in January of 2014. According to his updates in June 2014, he was struggling with the last page of the epilogue. In July, wrap up was still continuing but delayed because of the traveling he was doing for conventions. And that was when we got our first “physical pain” excuse as well. In August 2014, everything was done and pre-orders were going out so that he would know how many books to order. BUT IT WAS DONE.

Then came October. Still no books shipped. He updated and said “I can’t read any more stories! Listening to them all has taken an emotional toll on me! ” And the reason the book had not shipped? It was waiting on him to make decisions. And he was going to get back to that.

Then of course the shit hit the fan in December.

His next update came THREE MONTHS LATER in March.

Reason for not sending refunds. Kickstarter won't remove the people as backers. It's not his fault, it's Kickstarters!
Reason for not sending refunds. Kickstarter won’t remove the people as backers. It’s not his fault, it’s Kickstarters!


So, after seeing that he did indeed refund someone else. After they emailed him, I’ve decided to email him. I’ve messaged him on Kickstarter and I’ve sent an email to his personal email which he has listed ALL over the web.

Here you see he has refunded someone. There might be hope!!!
Here you see he has refunded someone. There might be hope!!!
My email to him.
My email to him.


And here’s the message from Kickstarter. I’ve also included my message from October 2014 where you can see I was still supportive. And wanted to give my copy to someone else. I did black out their story. And I’ve blacked out my personal email address. Hope you understand. If you look hard enough you can find me online.

Messages from Kickstarter.
Messages from Kickstarter.

So everyone cross your fingers that I’ll get my $55 back. It’s a matter of principal now. I hate being the victim to someone like him. As someone who truly lived through hell, I don’t use my story to victimize others. Yes, I wrote a book. I wrote two of them. And yes, you can buy them, however, I’ve given away more than I have sold. And the money from them? It goes to help homeless animals and to a shelter for women and children, I don’t keep any of it. So when I throw rocks, I’m not in danger of breaking any glass walls.



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