#SomethingTerrible is still happening

Have you been following the whole Dean Trippe Drama? I have out of some kind of morbid curiosity. It’s been radio silence from him on Kickstarter since his last update in May. However, digital rewards FINALLY went out, since he can’t take me off the backers list, I got the email saying to go get it and go get the new version of his ever delayed comic full of characters that other people created.

Kickstarter Trippe up
See the date on this email? July  21 and it says “Check back Monday at the KS page for a new update on the shipping date of the hardcopy. I wonder which Monday he was talking about because July 27th SHOULD have been the date but he said nothing. And he hasn’t said a thing on August 3, 10, 17 or 24. His fans have, they’ve said a LOT.

Kickstarter comments. 

Oddly enough, back at the end of last year when I started questioning Mr Trippe, his delays, his lack of communication and his use of funds for whatever he wanted, I was thrown to the wolves. Mr Trippe drug me in the mud and tried to bury me there.  And his “fans” joined in, I was a naysayer, I was mean, I was only in it for the rewards, I didn’t understand anything, etc. But honestly here we are almost 9 months later and there are people asking for refunds and being ignored. People are asking for updates and being ignored.

As for Mr Trippe, he’s still active on Twitter, on Facebook on Tumblr and he’ll talk to you as long as you don’t ask about his Kickstarter project. If you sing his praises, then he will talk to you.  And the latest plea for pity? He’s asking people on his facebook fan page if they know of any good cheap therapist because he’s ready to move on and through his past. Really. Because asking complete strangers on Facebook is the BEST place to find a new therapist.

trippe shrink



And if you want to know how he spends his time instead of shipping out all those books that people bought.


And if you have downloaded the “updated comic” I hope you have noticed the updated copyright…it’s now 2015.  And his picture with his bio…it’s the one he included in his LAST kickstarter update in May.  To recap, according to him in the risks, the project was already complete, it just needed minor layout tweaks. And he had already purchased shipping materials on Uline. (Of course, the majority of people backing his Kickstarter had no idea about his failure to complete commission drawings from DeanCon. So we believed him and threw money at him.)

trippe risksAnd then since we were throwing money at the screen he decided to ADD to the comic.

Have you read the “BRAND NEW EPILOGUE”? OMG talk about a seriously over inflated ego and a god complex, the new epilogue says it all. Lets recap, in the “Something Terrible” comic, Batman saves Dean Trippe after he was sexually molested. In the new epilogue, Dean Trippe goes back in time and saves Bruce Wayne’s parents. Stop and think about that. He repays Bruce Wayne by saving his parents, Bruce Wayne became Batman because his parents were killed. So if Dean Trippe saves his parents there would be no Batman to save Dean. Guess he didn’t think that one out completely. Perhaps it was the ego was in the way and he couldn’t see the big picture.

My point, don’t use Kickstarter to publish your book. Don’t make promises you can’t or won’t keep. Keep it real, keep your word. My second book was late, but I didn’t hide from anyone, I didn’t block people when they asked. And I didn’t take money for it. In fact, I donate the money I make from the books to charity.

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