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OMG so if you have known our house for longer than a NY minute, then you know that we have had enough AT & T Drama to last a lifetime, to last our children’s lifetime and to last our granddaughter’s lifetime. But it would appear that AT&T didn’t think so, they this month, they gave us MORE drama.

Nothing will EVER beat the Uverse install. That’s true. How many people can say that the installation of a service in their house resulted in free service for a year, an employee fired, criminal charges pressed against him, all your electronics being fried, a $2k check and mysteriously winning tickets, with backstage passes to a meet and greet to see your favorite artist who’s tour is sponsored by the company that is providing all the drama? Really, NOTHING can top that.

Since then, I’ve been happy with AT&T.  Sure after that free year, I did notice that the price was high, but I called, threatened to go with Comcast, they gave me a discount, we dance that dance every year. I usually get the bill down to $200 for phone, tv, and internet. I never get the great deals that the new customers get. I never get the new equipment that the new customers get. And our speed will NEVER go up. The only option I have is when the contract is up, not give them a chance, just call the cable company and get them out here. Does Comcast run on Cat5e now?

But wait, I haven’t even touched this year’s drama have I? Oh it’s good. On May 3rd, the phone rings, I answer and it’s someone with a real strong accent that I can barely understand wanting to know how our service is working. Well, a month earlier, we had problems with the DVR and I had to complain til they replaced it but otherwise the service was good. I did explain that I was unhappy with the price. She said there was nothing she could do about that but she would be happy to send me over to her co-worker who could help me with that. And transfer me she did, right to someone else I could barely understand. Did I want to drop any of my services? No, well then there was nothing he could do. So I say “Oh but wait, since all of my promotions are up, that means that I’m no longer under contract and can cancel my service since Comcast has been BEGGING me to come to them right?” And suddenly he decided that there WAS something he could do, he could transfer me to “Saves”. The department that will say and do anything to get you into another year contract so they don’t lose you to another company.

She started with the well, do you want to reduce your services? No, we watch all five million television channels that we have and yes, we really do need all five boxes. No, the phone service is fine, I don’t want to be charged by the minute. No, we are very tech heavy in our house and we don’t want to reduce our speed. Oh so there’s nothing you can do. Okay thanks, I’ll give Comcast a call.

BUT WAIT LORI, I can offer you $40 off a month if you are willing to keep your services the same and stay with us for a year.

Bingo, I said the magic words, I’m leaving. And she found a way to save me money. At this point in time I had been on the phone for 45 minutes. So I got my $40 off a month and went on my merry way.

The next day for the first time in a VERY LONG time, the service dropped. I reset the modem, the service came back. The next day, it happened again. This went on every day with me resetting the system until I got frustrated and contacted them on the 8th via Chat.  Oh they were so very sorry, they would send a tech out on Sat and he would fix it once and for all I would NEVER have the problem again. (Yeah, right, whatever.)

Saturday, the tech comes, he walks into the master bedroom, pushes the reset button the battery, twice. The system comes back up, he looks at the box outside. He leaves.

Saturday night, guess what. You guessed it! The system went down. And every single time it would go down, the time on the DVR would be wrong. Isn’t that odd. So I reset it. Sunday, same thing. Off to chat. Monday, same thing. Off to chat. Monday night, DVR won’t record, won’t pause, won’t rewind, won’t do anything but show tv. Back in chat. Angry. Oh we are so so so sorry, we must reset the box.

We reset the DVR it worked until the next day. Same thing, this time I called. Oh the soonest we can get a tech out there is Friday. Now I start asking about credits because clearly we are paying $9.10 daily for a service that is NOT working correctly. They offered $10 total. I laughed. I asked them if they paid full price for the wrong coffee at Starbucks. Or for watered down soda. They said they didn’t. But since I had only called in ONCE that was the most credit they could give me.  So because I used chat, I was being punished. No credit for me because I didn’t use my voice! Yes, I yelled. Yes, I got a supervisor, Yes, I got a $33 credit.

Yes, I retired from the tech industry and yes I know I’m *THAT* customer. But I also know that AT&T doesn’t care about the long term customers. If they did we would be treated just as well as the new customers. They would say “Hey, you know what, we know that you were the first customer in your neighborhood to get UVerse and you have really old crappy equipment, can we schedule a time to bring you new equipment that isn’t going to break, especially since you lease the equipment from us?” I’ve been paying a least fee on boxes for 4 years now.  I’ve paid $192 in lease fees for EACH tv box in the house, but yet I have the old boxes.  Now I’m paying the same lease fee that the new customers pay for the wireless boxes, mine still have wires. Does anyone see anything wrong with that?

And the icing on the cake? Dish Network saw me complaining about AT&T on Twitter, said “Hey, it’s not right the way the treat you! Follow us back and we will give you a $25 Amazon gift card.” So a company I’m NOT with cared enough to give me something to read while a company I am with can barely stand to credit my account for down time.


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