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I will NOT be bullied

Oh poor little “Cry Baby” you don’t like it that I published the psycho bullshit harassing message that you sent me. I did you a favor by blocking out your name and your picture. So did you REALLY think that I was going to publish your comment here with your name and your threat? Grow the fuck up.

And while you are at it, tell your little bully girlfriends that their threats aren’t going to work either. You don’t scare me. And really, all the verbal abuse? Come on bitches, I was abused by one of the craziest bitches out there. Do you really think that your high school games are going to bother me.

Go blow your nose and dry your tears. But for shit’s sake GROW THE FUCK UP.

You’re so vain, you probably think this post is about you!

Don’t you! Well…IT IS!!!!

I don’t follow your thoughts politically. I kinda figured we were on the same page since we are in a lot of the same groups and we fight for women’s rights and victims rights. I guess I was wrong. But you know what, I didn’t interact with you that much to know who you were voting for or why. Really I didn’t. We TALKED ABOUT CATS most of the time.

So I was really surprised that you posted a fake news story and swore by it. Even when I pointed out that it was not a real news site, your answer was it was no different than the major news sites and the major news sites were refusing to post the “truth”. And then I said “I didn’t realize that you a Trump fan because you haven’t posted anything about HIS sexual misconduct or HIS upcoming trial for child rape.” To which you flew off the broomstick and accused me of hating on you and how dare I not know WHO you were voting for and why! I explained that I wasn’t hating and I really didn’t know. And I told you that I didn’t want to fight and I was not going to accept anything from that site because it wasn’t a real site, it catered to people wearing tin hats and conspiracy theory nutjobs. And I told you that I really didn’t want to fight with you because I liked you to much.

But NOPE you kept it up. You posted more from that site, “Here you want names, here’s names!” Yep, you gave me a name that not even conspiracy theory people trust! Their “trusted source” is someone that hasn’t worked in the government since 1979 but claims to have worked under Reagan and Bush, but he stopped working for the government under Carter because he didn’t agree with Carter. (Okay) And he claimed that there was NO WAY that Obama’s administration killed Bin Laden because Bin Laden had died BEFORE 9/11 even happened. And he is a fiction writer who specializes in military and spy fiction. Oh and then there’s a little thing like him claiming to be the inspiration for Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. (Bullshit!)

And again, I said “I don’t want to fight with you”. And you came at me again. So I deleted my original comment. Hoping to put an end to it all. But NO, you were being a freaking BULLDOG with your teeth caught in steak and you would NOT let it go! You sent me a message claiming VICTORY! Obviously your last comment was so distasteful to me that I had to delete the whole thing. You were to blinded by your ignorant bullshit stupidity that you could NOT see that I just wanted to fucking stop fighting with you. And then you said “You don’t have permission to share this private message” BULLSHIT.

Just STOP. what part of I DON"T want to fight with you was SO freaking hard for you to understand. I'm GLAD you unfriended me, you are nothing but a freaking ignorant bully.
Just STOP. what part of I DON”T want to fight with you was SO freaking hard for you to understand. I’m GLAD you unfriended me, you are nothing but a freaking ignorant bully.

So there, now this post is about you. And really, what paranoid world was I think you wanted to fight? Maybe the part that you wouldn’t fucking let it drop? You just kept on. ¬†And to make sure that YOU had the last word….you did unfriend me. And I’m glad because you are one crazy as bitch.