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Day 17 – A quote you live by

If you’ve read my second book then you know this quote.

God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December. James M Barrie

My 9th grade English teacher Mr. Taylor would write different quotes on the blackboard each day and we had to write a paragraph about what they meant to us. This is the only quote that I ever remembered.  Now that I’m older it sticks with me because genetically there is Alzheimer’s disease in my biological family and I’ve watched people with that disease lose their short term memory but retain their long-term memory.  So maybe those memories are really their roses.

Day 16 – Bullet point your day

  • woke up
  • bathroom
  • stumbled down the hall
  • fed the cats
  • spoke to the husband
  • drank a bottle of water, took meds
  • tried to eat breakfast, failed
  • took a shower
  • got Prue and Ivy in the carriers and took them to the vet.
  • came home
  • ate half a piece of pizza, watched Rogue One
  • took meds
  • went to bed

wasn’t that fun.

Day 15 – Three Pet Peeves

Three pet peeves that drive me insane.

  1. When people use the phrase “I could care less” incorrectly. They are clearly trying to say that they don’t care but they use the wrong words they say words that mean they care because they if they didn’t care about something then there is no way they could care less. They should say “I couldn’t care less”.
  2.  People who talk more than they listen. To me, these are people who clearly care more about themselves than they do anyone else. Sadly I have several people like this in my life.
  3.  When you are looking for someone says “Is it …..?” how the hell do I know if it’s there? If I looked there and it was there I would have found it already. How about instead of asking me if it’s there you get up and LOOK there.

Day 14 – Your life in 7 years

Here’s that explanation.

My life in 7 years. At this point, I would just like to be here. After my doctors appointment on Friday, the unknown, the blood draw, the waiting, the “you need more tests”, the here’s another script, the goal is to just be alive in 7 years.

Going to an Oncologist is probably the scariest visit you can ever have. You can already be on chemo for one thing but when you see the full fledged ONCOLOGIST that’s when the fear of dying is really shoved down your throat. All the people in your life can tell you, don’t worry, they would have caught it before now if it was serious. Really? It took them EIGHT years to catch my Psoriatic Arthritis. I heard so much crap from my PCP before other people in his office FINALLY said “Look, let me have someone else look at your chart” and they FINALLY got me to a real doctor. After three blood tests with him he said, “You know what, this still isn’t right, I’m doing what I need to do to get you better but I think you need to see my wife.” After 13 years of seeing a doctor who really doesn’t give a crap about his patient’s health, it’s nice to see a doctor who cares.

So to break it down, in seven years, I just want to be alive. Healthy would be nice.

Day 13 – Your commute to work/school

First, let me apologize for falling behind on the writing challenge. I will address why in another post.

My commute…It’s horrible. It’s the longest commute of my life. And yes, that is total sarcasm. My commute varies from day to day depending on where I want to work. Do I want to work at my desk inside the house? Well, then my commute is 15 steps down the hall from my bed to my desk.

Do I want to in my office in the back yard? The first think I have to do is check the traffic to make sure there are no feral cats eating. Then I open back door and walk 15 steps to my office, open the door and close out the world.

The trick to my commute is not getting distracted. That’s so easy to do.

Day 12– Two words/phrases that make you laugh.

Honestly, it takes a lot to make me laugh.  There aren’t any words or phrases that you can pop out with that will make me laugh. Now that’s not to say that I don’t have a sense of humor, I do. I just don’t like dumb things. I don’t like most “comedies”, I don’t like slapstick comedy, hell I’m not even a huge fan of Monty Python. I don’t laugh when people fall on banana peels. I don’t laugh when someone says “butts”.  Which drives my family crazy.

One thing has made me laugh recently….on the Walking Dead when Neagan told Sasha that she had “Beach ball sized lady nuts”. THAT made me laugh. I have a t-shirt coming with that printed on it.

Day 11– Your current relationship

Married…10 years. together for 13. It’s his ex-girlfriend’s fault.  Like every other relationship, some days are good, some days are bad. Lucky for him, my sister convinced me that it was illegal in the state of GA to get a divorce within the first 30 days of marriage.

At this point, I don’t think anyone else would put up with us.

Day 10 – Writing Challenge — A Fruit you dislike and why

Being a HUGE fruit junkie this is actually hard for me. There isn’t really a fruit that I “dislike”. There are fruits that aren’t my favorite, but I will still eat them. For example, strawberries, not my favorite, but I’m drinking a kiwi strawberry water right now and not wanting to throw up or anything. Limes aren’t my all time favorite but I enjoy them in drinks.

Having said that, “domestic fruits” aren’t my favorites. Given the choice between a pear and a mango, it’s a mango every time.

But if you really want to classify a tomato as a fruit…yep…don’t like them raw, don’t like the texture. But I love them cooked.

Day 8– A book I love & one I don’t

As a writer, this is a hard topic to write on. There are a TON of books that I love, really truly love. That I can read over and over again. That I can recite passages of with no problem. The easiest way to narrow this down is to tell you that I absolutely adore the author Dean Koontz.  Now the reason I love his work so much is because I’ve said for years that it takes a person with a terrible past to write the horrible things he does. And I was right, his father was an alcoholic and made his life miserable. He doesn’t talk about it much and has only started talking about it recently. But from the limited amount of insight into his past that I have, I now understand where his nightmares come from, the same place mine come from.

Having said that, my favorite Koontz book is Whispers. It was the book that got me started with him. When I came back from my abusive marriage in Florida, with barely the clothes on my back, my friend Janice and her family took me in. On the days that I couldn’t get out of bed because my feet were so swollen or my back hurt or Charley was kicking so bad that every muscle in my belly hurt or that rare occasion her foot was stuck between two ribs, Janice and I would spend the day in bed reading Whispers out loud to each other. She would read a chapter than I would read a chapter. It didn’t take us long to finish that book and then move on to more of his books. I honestly think that’s where Charley got her weird imagination was listening to us read Dean Koontz.

On a side note, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him a few times and even being included in a Google Hangout. It was totally awesome and MimmyJoe even interrupted! Click below to see the video of the hangout.

( )

Now, for a book that I hate. This is hard for me because I don’t actually “hate” the book, I hate the way the book was rolled out, a few chapters at a time. I used to be a HUGE Stephen King fan. And then The Green Mile came out as a serial book. And to me, it seemed like a huge money scheme. I refused to buy it. It was the first King book I refused to buy. I didn’t read it. I still haven’t  bought it or read it. I have seen the movie and it was wonderful. But because of that book and the way it was rolled out, I’ve not purchased another Stephen King novel. That’s not to say I haven’t read them, Charley is a King fan and if she recommends one of his books and buys it, I’ll read it. But I won’t buy it on my own.  Personally, I think his wife Tabitha is a far better writer. She’s much more graphic than he is when it comes to violence. I really think that in his books where he is really graphic with sex and violence it’s because she is ghostwriting for him.

Day 7 — What tattoos you have and if they have meaning.

This is really easy. I have no tattoos.

However. I’ve considered getting a tattoo. But not too seriously. I’m not a huge fan of them but I understand why people get them. I just don’t think I want to go through that much pain for something that is not going to look the same all the time. I mean face it, I’m going to gain weight, lose weight, get more wrinkles than I already have, I may have to have body parts removed, skin removed, etc. You never know what is going to happen. So keep that in mind when I say that the tattoo I’ve considered getting is the one pictured below.

I would add the kids names inside the loops.

Now, while that is an awesome tattoo and anyone who really knows me, knows that it has a ton of meaning with the kids names and the paw prints, that would look like crap wrinkled, cut in half, faded, etc. So, no. Not happening. And I stick my finger twice a day, and I insert the BGS in my body once a week, that’s enough sticking for me! Doesn’t mean I don’t love my kids or animals, it just means no more pain than I need!