Refunds are rolling for people in #SomethingTerrible

If you are using my site to keep up with the “Something Terrible” nightmare on Kickstarter. I’m happy to report that more people are reporting that they are receiving refunds! It’s about time. It seems to be the most vocal that are getting the refunds. Those of us that have been hounding him via email. So if you are looking for a refund from him that seems to be the way to do it. Just keep emailing him and he gets the point.

But remember, he also needs to be held accountable for his actions. As it stands now, he held our money for over a year, interest free and all we got out of it was a hard time, publicly shamed for asking for updates and bullied. It will be interesting to see if any of his backers get their rewards at all. He keeps claiming it’s done but keeps pushing the date back further and further and keeps raising money on Ebay. Is he raising money for refunds or raising money for the project because he’s out of funds? Hmmm. Does make you think doesn’t it.

You can see his list of ebay actions if you click here.

2 thoughts on “Refunds are rolling for people in #SomethingTerrible

  1. I’m glad you got your money back. I have been following this story for a while elsewhere and it’s unfortunate. I’m a fan of his artwork and SOMETHING TERRIBLE was incredibly effective and deserves to see print.

    While I do believe his actions (or lack of action) to be the root of this issue (primarily, his not coming through after raising an exorbitant amount of money) I also believe “fans” making demands and going out of their way to humiliate the guy does not help the situation. Having to wait so long for artwork or a book is a pain in the ass, for sure, but, as an artist with depression issues myself, I can attest to long stretches of apathy which hinders drawing. NOW…the thing is, he seems to be drawing plenty as evidenced by his eBay auctions, so…perhaps that explanation doesn’t apply here.

    I do have a question for you (and, PLEASE…do not take this as flippant): In what way does waiting for fulfillment on a Kickstarter campaign you donated spark up your PTSD? Is this true or were you being snarky with Mr. Trippe?

    1. Thank you for your comment Michael. As a working writer, with Bipolar disorder, anxiety and PTSD, I’m not quick to Dean off the hook. You see, I find it hard to blame depression when the project was mostly done, just needed that four panel page which was a stretch goal and he’s too depressed to write it. However, he wasn’t too depressed to use the money to go to conventions to drum up more artistic work. And he wasn’t too depressed to take care of his child, hang out with family for special occasions, and help open the comic book store. As for “fans” going out of their way to humiliate the guy, none of that started until his “high and mighty” attitude took over. In the beginning all anyone wanted was a simple update. That was too much work for him. He was too busy going to cons, driving to AL to see his girlfriend, hanging out at church events. And all the while, he forgot that at least one of his backers was local, knows people who know him, goes to the same church as his family. If you have followed his activities since the kickstarter starter, he was drawing plenty, just not for the kickstarter. As for the KS starter campaign messing with my FTSD, yes, it did. My interactions with Trippe about it did. When I go to someone and say “Hey about about an update, you haven’t posted one in a while” and he replies with (and I don’t remember the exact words) “You are nothing to me, you are slowing my progress, you are just a hack” and then verbally abused me everywhere he could, yes, it did mess with my PTSD. See my PTSD comes from a childhood of physical, mental and sexual abuse. And his words and actions mirrored those of my abusers. It became clear to me last Christmas, that as long as you were falling at his feet worshiping him and praising him, he was your friend. But the minute you asked him for an update, asked him to return the same favors you granted him or anything else, he launched a verbal assault on you be it on twitter or his facebook page. Personally my therapist favorite attack was the one on Facebook where he left out my name but gave enough details so that anyone on the KS would know it was me he was bitching about and allowed his fans there to verbally abuse me. And then he said “Oh that’s not my fault”. Right, sure. But the difference between Dean and I, you see, while he has sat around whining I can’t because I’m so depressed, all I can do is take care of my child and run a comic book store and chat on twitter, tumblr and facebook I simply can’t do my KS project. I’ve published another book. And I have two more almost ready to publish. Those who can do, those who cannot whine and blame others. So yes, he did hit several of my triggers but much like my other abusers, this one didn’t win either. But hey, if he wants to kick in on the therapy bills that he caused that would be freaking awesome! 🙂 Dean Trippe needs to learn that kindness goes a long way, don’t ask anything of others that you wouldn’t do for them and when you are playing with other peoples money, keep them up to date. And for the record, so you don’t think that I don’t have other obligations….I am married, 2 children (one is 9) and help raise my granddaughter. My two children and my granddaughter all travel the con circuit too and my granddaughter is a wonderful artist. I also rescue animals. So it’s not like writing is the only thing I do, I have plenty to keep me busy.

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