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Welcome to the insane ramblings of my brain! I don’t know how you landed here but welcome! You will find so much insanity it will rock your world. Let me tell you about me. I’m an author by day when I don’t have writers block or a dentist appointment or a doctors appointment or there’s not a really good movie on Netflix. 🙂 By night, I’m a wife, mom, GMa, cook, nurse, vet, housekeeper, peacekeeper, homeworker monitor, bedroom designer, furniture builder, and sleepless woman. On top of all that I suffer from Bi Polar disorder, anxiety, diabetes, PTSD and a few other “disorders”.

On my blog I point out the insanity of the world. What I find wrong, what I find right, what I find stupid, what I find annoying, what I find heartbreaking. I call people out on my blog too. And I will call out companies for wrong doing. Sadly GoDaddy lost my blogs over the past year because of stupidity but of course they blamed me because I didn’t back them up. Well, that’s fine. Whatever, the backup system didn’t work. That was one of my complaints. Funny thing is, they didn’t actually lose them, they were holding them hostage for $150 because I canceled my hosting.

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  1. hey,i was just told about yer’ kickstarter nightmare,I too am a victim of wire fraud,check out the ruin and wicker projects on there,this guy darker sho took in over $16,000.00 bucks and then just disappeared took down his facebook,twitter,website,patron site,everything,and me and another couple of backers found his real name and outed him on kickstarter,and kickstarter suspended our accounts as backers!? this whole thing is getting spun like we are the badguys,any advice as to getting our money back or getting kickstarter to do the right thing? thanks and glad you got yer’ refund back!

    1. Kickstarter won’t do the right thing. Period. They have a clause in their agreement that says they are only liable for $100 per lawsuit if included. And you can complain to the BBB about them, it won’t do any good. It just show up against them that the case is closed without settlement. If he is in the US you can try small claims court or if enough backers join together and hire a lawyer you can file a class action lawsuit. Neither one of which is a guarantee of getting your money back. If you live in a large town (or at least one larger than I live in) you might ring up the police department and see if they have an “Internet Crimes” department. A lot of the larger cities have them now. They might give you some advice as to if laws were broken.

      Public shaming works. If you want to email me all the info I can see what I can find out. My email address is prncssgeek@gmail.com just make the subject line “Kickstarter scam”.

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